Bowdoin College Catalogue and Academic Handbook

Interdisciplinary (INTD)

INTD 1050  Optimizing Learning  

Tina Chong.
Non-Standard Rotation. Spring 2024. Enrollment limit: 50.
  .5 Credit  Credit/D/F Only.   

This course is an opportunity to reflect on past learning successes and unlock students’ highest potential. Students in this course will study the science of learning, develop strategies and habits to enhance existing strengths, and collaboratively discuss how to successfully meet learning challenges. This course is grounded in the fields of psychology and education.

Previous terms offered: Spring 2023, Spring 2022.

INTD 2516  (c, DPI)   Teaching and Learning Languages and Cultures  

Non-Standard Rotation. Enrollment limit: 35.  

This course addresses the intersections between world language pedagogy, antibias education, and metalinguistic awareness. Through engagement with current research, students will explore theories of language acquisition and practices of intercultural communication from infancy through adulthood. The course will foster engagement in reflective practice concerning teaching and learning languages and cultures in the classroom, including designing and implementing short lesson plans tied to curricular goals. Students will develop oral and written proficiencies to engage with movements in language advocacy and representation. These experiences will be supported by a partnership with a team of Brunswick public school teachers and the Multilingual Mainers program. The course is open to all students with at least intermediate proficiency in a language other than English.

Prerequisites: ARBC 2204 or CHIN 2204 or FRS 2204 or GER 2203 or GRK 2203 or HISP 2203 or ITAL 2204 or JPN 2204 or LATN 2203 or RUS 2204 or Placement in CHIN 2205 or Placement in CHIN 2206 or Placement in CHIN 3307 or Placement in FRS 2305 or Placement in FRS 2400 level or Placement in GER 2204 or Placement in GER 2205 or Placement in GER 2204 + Consult or Placement in GER 2205 + Consult or Placement in GER 3000 level or Placement in GER 3000 level + Consult or Placement in GRK 2204 or Placement in GRK 3000 level or Placement in HISP 2204 or Placement in HISP 2305 or Placement in HISP 2409 or 2410 or Placement in ITAL 2305 or Placement in ITAL 2400 level or Placement in JPN 2205 or Placement in JPN 2206 or Placement in JPN 3307 or Placement in LATN 2204 or Placement in LATN 2205 or Placement in LATN 2206 or Placement in LATN 221X or Placement in LATN 3300 level.

Previous terms offered: Spring 2023, Spring 2022, Fall 2020.

INTD 3001  Health, Culture, and Society  

Non-Standard Rotation. Enrollment limit: 16.  

Focuses on the study of health from a wide array of disciplinary perspectives—across the sciences, social sciences, and humanities. Possible topics include epidemiology, medical ethics, environmental health, public policy, disability, nutrition, pharmaceuticals, health inequalities, and mental illness—as well as the history, globalization, and literary representations of health. It is targeted toward students with previous academic (or work) experience in a related field, and all participants will be expected to bring material learned from another class to the seminar table in this one. Student-led discussions and projects form the core of the class, which may also feature guest lectures from Bowdoin and/or external faculty.

Previous terms offered: Fall 2020.